With the rush of things to do and looming deadlines, we often forget to take care of a very important but often overlooked task: Thinking and planning about the future. Some refer to this as “big picture” thinking. You spend so much of each day stuck in the minutiae of your work that you forget […]

One of the biggest causes of overwhelm is managing multiple projects at the same time. But there is hardly a business owner or freelancer who doesn’t have to work this way at least some of the time. So how do you manage multiple projects without feeling completely overwhelmed? First, don’t multitask since this contributes more […]

It’s common to feel overwhelmed and yet have no idea what’s causing that feeling. You know things aren’t right, but can’t quite get at why. How do you discover what’s overwhelming you? One excellent method is to start an overwhelm journal. Begin by understanding your own reaction to stress. Common reactions include things like feelings […]

How much of your working time is spent doing the same things each day? If you think about it, you’ll probably find that you spend a great deal of time on repetitive tasks. Mapping out these daily things to-do and turning them into business processes offers the following benefits: Your business will be more efficient, […]

When you’re looking at your business processes and trying to find ways to streamline for better efficiency, don’t forget that one option is to get rid of tasks by giving them to someone else. There are three ways to entrust tasks to someone else: Delegating, outsourcing, and automating. Delegating Tasks to Your Employees Delegating involves […]

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