Limiting beliefs are beliefs you hold that keep you from doing what you want to do. The human mind has an amazing ability to come up with infinite reasons why you can’t do something. There is a good chance you have limiting beliefs stopping you right now and you don’t even realize it. Limiting beliefs […]

One of the biggest causes of overwhelm is managing multiple projects at the same time. But there is hardly a business owner or freelancer who doesn’t have to work this way at least some of the time. So how do you manage multiple projects without feeling completely overwhelmed? First, don’t multitask since this contributes more […]

It’s common to feel overwhelmed and yet have no idea what’s causing that feeling. You know things aren’t right, but can’t quite get at why. How do you discover what’s overwhelming you? One excellent method is to start an overwhelm journal. Begin by understanding your own reaction to stress. Common reactions include things like feelings […]

Here is a common story we can all relate to:  You start a project with a great deal of energy, excited to tackle something new.  As time goes by and you start encountering difficulties, your motivation dwindles, and the project goes on the backburner with too many other things to mention.  How does anybody ever […]

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