Experience freedom while leveraging your skill sets!

Introducing the

Helping You Start Your Own Online Business,

Enjoy Time & Financial Freedom, and Be the Expert Everyone Needs


The OBM Mastermind is an online training school that teaches you how to leverage your skill sets.


Grow and scale a prosperous business as an Online Business Manager.


At the end of your 8-week cohort, you will receive your OBM certification.

Experience Freedom While Leveraging Your Skill Sets!

I help you turn your skills and interests into a thriving business that earns a great income and is easy to manage without the headaches and long hours. Your operation will run like a well oiled machine. In fact, it can be placed on autopilot to earn while you travel the world.


You will be able to take a deep breath and at last experience the simplicity, efficiency, and effortless crystal clear vision that guides your business.


You will be a professional business owner who is respected by others. You will be doing what you love while living a remarkable life with far greater satisfaction.

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Escape the 9-5 Grind

Most of us work long hours for demanding bosses. Expenses are constantly rising while pay stays the same.

You feel your intelligence, talents, and education are not being used. You often feel bored and exhausted going through the motions day after day.


You crave the freedom and rewards of owning your own business, working online from home or location of your choice, and enjoying more free time, less stress, and far higher pay.

It’s often said owning your business means you will have the most fun working the hardest you’ve ever worked. It’s true many business owners work insane hours while loving ever minute of it.

But I show you how to use smart strategies to keep your business manageable, running smoothly with far less effort, and even how to place it on autopilot so you can tend to family, go on vacation, or have plenty of time for yourself and other interests.

Unlimited Opportunity to Earn More

In a job you might get a 10% raise every few years. If you’re a talented, well established sales person, tech, or executive you might earn more. But at some point pay caps out. You’re stuck earning less than you want.


Owning a business is completely different.


A business owner can have a good year and earn 20 times more than they did last year. Instead of a great professional level pay, you might vault into the stratosphere for sizable wealth.


In general, statistics show small business owners consistently earn more than people working jobs. Higher income, more free time, more fun, and far greater opportunity. Running your own business is the real American Dream.

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What you’ll learn…

Become an In-Demand Expert

You learn vital in-demand core skills including Team Management, Operations Management, Project Management, Marketing Training, Metrics Management, and Launch Management.

In plain English that’s how to manage people, your business, and projects. It’s how to advertise and market your business to keep leads and new customers flooding in. All while enticing old customers to return and buy again and again.
How to manage by the numbers so you KNOW what to do and why to do it.

How to launch new products, services, and ideas so they make a BIG splash to surge your business forward.

Learn the skills to transform your clients’ businesses.

The A-Z of launching your clients business to attract clients.

Create your business perfectly structured to take your life and career to exciting heights.
How it works

Weekly Coaching Calls

This is not a one-size-fits-all training that throws a bunch of theory at you, then turns you lose to swim on your own. I give you personalized help with weekly coaching calls that answer your questions, give you ideas, and add important new strategies to what you are learning.

The OBM Mastermind is the essential training and coaching you need to create your own highly rewarding business.

It’s perfect for anyone working as a virtual assistant, executive assistant, corporate professional, or anyone else ready to take their life + skills to new heights. If you are looking for a career change, this is the proven path to working less while earning far more.

It’s time to

Experience freedom

You’ve spent a lot of time working and no doubt know far more than you realize. You’ve got skills, education, ideas, and dreams. This can be turned into a business that lets you sell what you know and can do for the benefit of others.


In the mastermind you will learn…


How to structure your business for easiest operation and fewest hours working


The keys to thrilling your customers so they buy again and again while recommending you to everyone they know.

In very little time your business will GO VIRAL. You will have just as many clients and customers as you want. Your brand will be known, admired, and often relied upon.

When other businesses are struggling for leads, you will be master of your online space becoming the go-to provider for the things your business offers.

Next co-hort starts in october 2022

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Normally $1497

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